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About Tri-State Mulch

Since 2017

Our History

Tri-State Mulch, Amish owned and operated, is located in the heart of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Amish country. We are a wholesale mulch company serving retail outlets, landscapers, and home owners. Our raw material comes from local on-site sawmill waste that is processed and colored, reducing handling costs for our great customers. In 2017 we started as a mulch business, but had experience coloring mulch since 2003. Whenever you are in the area, stop by and see what we have to offer.

Video of Mulch Machine

How our Mulch is Made

  1. First, we use a base of high quality virgin wood.
  2. Screen the mulch to remove bigger pieces and keep the product consistent.
  3. The mulch is then colored using a Becker Underwood Harvester 200 Colorizer.