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Colored Mulch

* Be sure to read “How to use Color Enhanced Mulch” below.

Red mulch at tri-state mulch.

Red Mulch

$36.00/cubic yard

Black Mulch at Tri-State Mulch.

Black Mulch

$36.00/cubic yard

Cherry Brown Mulch at Tri-State Mulch.

Cherry Brown Mulch

$36.00/cubic yard

Dark Brown Mulch from Tri-state Mulch

Dark Brown Mulch

$36.00/cubic yard

Other Mulch

Playground Mulch at Tri-State Mulch.

Playground Mulch

Does not have coloring and is not aged.

$14.00/cubic yard

Natural Mulch at Tri-State Mulch.

Natural Mulch

Does not have coloring and is aged.

$20.00/cubic yard


Compost/Manure from Tri-State Mulch.


$45.00/cubic yard


Screened Topsoil at Tri-State Mulch.

Screened Topsoil

$38.00/cubic yard

Planting Soil at Tri-state Mulch.

Organic Garden Soil

Great option for raised beds or flower beds

$42.00/cubic yard


7X9 wood blocks at Tri-State Mulch.

7×9 Wood Blocks


Bundles of wood slabs at Tri-State Mulch.

Bundles of Slabs


How to Use Color Enhanced Mulch

Color-enhanced mulches have been applied with E.P.A. approved coloring. They are safe for all landscape applications and retain their color much longer than Natural Bark mulches.

Important: It is imperative that customers do not apply if there is going to be precipitation within 48 hours of use. The mulch needs to time to cure by being exposed to sun, wind, and dry air. This will lock the color in and keep it from being washed away by rain.

No refunds will be made to customers that fail to follow these guidelines.